London based psychedellic space funk rock band. Formed in 2009. About to release their debut CD - Funk City Revolutions - early nexy year 2012.

A sort of Floyd meets Chilly Peppers with odd time sigantures and a touch of blues and reggee - if such a thing is possible.

Fans of Colour Haze, Wooden Shijps, Spacemen 3, Loop, Krautrock and classic rock of the likes of Sabbath and Zep would enjoy.


Funk City Revolutions

1. City Ride -

2. 68 Jailbreak

3. Her Eyes Saw the Future

4. You’re Fire

5. Stranger With A Gun 

6. Spheres of Gold

7. Tigers Claw


The Band -

Stuart Barton - Drums

Marcus Gage - Guitars

Robert Matthews - Bass & Vocals