May The Space Funk Be With You

English Psychedelic Stoner Space Funk Rock


Next show.

The Tropic at Ruislip, UK

18th October 2013


New 2013 - Cosmic Woman EP - Available now from


A psychedelic journey through love, loss and delirium with odd time sigantures and a touch of space blues and kosmic reggee - if such a thing is possible.

Fans of Colour Haze, Wooden Shijps, Spacemen 3, Loop, Krautrock, Hawkwind, Hendrix, Bowie and classic rock of the likes of Sabbath and Zep would enjoy.

"The music of this power trio has lots of echoes of classic rock (Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Led Zeppelin etc.), funk, blues and psychedelic rock....Perhaps the album’s highlight? ”Spheres of Gold” is soft and psychedelic classic rock with excellent solo guitar work." - DJ Astro 13.9.12 from Psychotropic Zone

"buja...what a fat album...great solo's...psychy tunes and real triply sound atmosphere...get you brain smashed from this awesome band...a band with a big future!

9 from 10 Stonerpoints

- P. Stonerhead 15.9.12 from stonerheadgetgrooveyourheadtonight


2012 CD  - Funk City Revolutions -

on Studio2 Records - S2RCD001.

Silver Pressed CD Available world wide.

UK inc P&P £10.00

Europe inc P&P £12.00

Rest of World inc P&P £14.00

Cost including postage
Also available from:

Bandcamp as instant digital download

Funk City Revolutions

1. City Ride - 

2. 68 Jailbreak 

3. Her Eyes Saw the Future 

4. You’re Fire

5. Stranger With A Gun 

6. Spheres of Gold  

7. Tigers Claw

More available for preview at Soundcloud including a whole 50 minute live set and other live tracks

City Ride - CD version

The Band -

Stuart Barton - Drums

Marcus Gage - Guitars

Robert Matthews - Bass & Vocals